About Virtual Run KL

Virtual Run KL is a club focused on sports and leisure activities aimed at generating money for disabled groups such as disabled organizations, specialized disease associations as well as charity and good cause’s activities.

Based on sports for all, VIRTUAL RUN KL is a fun run that encourages participants to run while donating. It aims to inculcate a sports culture among Malaysians to produce fit, healthy, and smart citizens as well as to provide them with space to do exercise and sports activities to improve the health of the mind and body.

Virtual Run is a new form shuffle that gives participants the choice to choose dates, times, and places according to their suitability to run. Participants only need to visit www.virtualrunkl.com website to register and subsequently use the existing app to record the run and upload the record to our website at any time as it thinks fit as long as the run dates are open. Virtual Run is still new in the country but has been popular among the European and North American; but it's a very practical form of sport.


  • Forming a sports community in line with national sports policy;
  • Forming a healthy and integrated society among the nation.
  • Encouraging people to play sports to reduce obesity because Malaysia is listed among the countries whose people are obese;
  • A pro-active step in the process of transformation towards achieving the desire to make Malaysia a 'Sports State';
  • Introducing new methods and forms of sports that are more flexible to the people;
  • A platform to raise fund for charity activities and good causes.